#ART was created in 2014. In its beginnings the program cooperated with various institutions and NGOs. Since 2017 #ART works solely under the auspices of Sphere of Harmony.

#ART supports the development, and organizes the artistic activity of Hashtag Ensemble, with the following accomplishments to its credit:

  • 6 CDs released by leading Polish labels: DUX, Bo┼étRecords, Requiem Records,
  • over 30 original education programs (Babyvisions, Babyphony, Discoveres of Music),
  • 7 original music programs (m.in. #EchoChamber, #NetworkMusic, Fiddler OFF the Roof),
  • production of final concerts for 3 Polish and international composition competitions,
  • cooperation with over 35 Polish composers, both recognized (Zygmunt Krauze) and debuting (composition competitions)