Our mission is to create egalitarian access to the achievements of contemporary culture, including new music in its broadest sense, and to promote Polish artists and performers.

The objectives of the Foundation are: 

  • to support artistic activity, with particular emphasis on Polish contemporary music, including the work of young composers;
  • to promote and support artists, with particular emphasis on Polish artists and performers of Polish contemporary music;
  • to take action towards the development of didactics and scientific research connected with music and other fields of art;
  • to take action toward the development of the public’s sensitivity to art;
  • to support broadly understood humanistic activity, including journalism and art criticism;
  • to create a platform for cooperation between institutions, organizations, and individuals whose goals of activities are similar to those of the Foundation listed in points 1-5.

The Foundation pursues its objectives through:

  • Collaborating with other institutions, and organizations aligning with goals of action converging with the goals of the Foundation, supporting them organisationally, materially, and financially;
  • Creating and providing organizational, material, and financial support to music and dance ensembles (among others: theatre ensembles and orchestras, choirs and chamber ensembles)
  • patronizing such ensembles;
  • awarding scholarships and prizes;

We invite you to learn more about the statutes of our organization: LINK