Our mission is to enable equal access to the works of contemporary culture, including broadly understood new music, as well as to promote Polish artists – creators and performers.

Foundation Goals:

  • supporting artistic activity with special attention to Polish contemporary music, including artistic output of young composers;
  • promoting and supporting artists, with particular consideration of creators and performers of Polish contemporary music;
  • working towards the advancement of didactics and research within the field of music and other arts;
  • working towards the heightening of society’s sensitivity to art;
  • supporting broadly understood activity within the field of humanities, including journalism and art criticism;
  • creating a platform for cooperation of institutions, organizations, and persons, with goals similar to those of the Foundation’s, listed in points 1-5.

Achievement of Goals:

  • organizing concerts, festivals, exhibitions,  spectacles, film screenings, courses, meetings, seminars, workshops, and other events; 
  • creating and technically, meritorically and financially supporting art groups (theater ensembles, orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles) patronage over the above groups;
  • awarding of scholarships and grants;
  • running a non-profit publishing enterprise, including  the field of phonography and audiovisual materials; running a non-profit production of artistic performances, audio plays and films, running non-profit internet sites;
  • cooperating with institutions, organizations, corporations, and individuals with goals common to those of the Foundation, and their organizational, meritorical and financial support.